We are currently looking for the following positions。

■ System development

<< Work content >>

【Business content】

You will be in charge of overall system development work for your own service.。

[Business details]

① System project manager work (progress management)、Operation management, etc.)

(2) Creation and management of system development specifications and plans in collaboration with other departments

③ As a manager of the development team、Development task management / development process various reviews

④ Development vendor control (development destination is Vietnam、Japanese available)


<< Eligibility for application >>


・ Development experience as a Web / system engineer (3 years or more)

・ Web application development experience (participation as PM is possible)

・ Basic knowledge of technology related to the development of database systems, etc.

・ Practical experience in system development project management

・ Coordination of other departments within the company、Vendor control experience


・ A series of project management experience from start-up to design to operation of in-house service at a business company

・ A large number of tasks can be processed in parallel

・ Experience in new business development

・ Work experience at startup

[Personal image you want]

・ Do not have a biased opinion、Objectively judge various opinions、Can verbalize the solution that seems to be optimal

・ System development can always be carried out from the user's perspective、You can actively improve your technical skills and challenge new technologies.

・ Technology and services are not the norm、Those who want to solve the problems of the world through technology

・ Those who can sympathize with the mission vision

・ Those who like new things

Application destination:If you are interested, please contact to apply.