[For store support for all formats] Online seminar on "Premium Gift Certificate Business" utilizing the prepaid platform "Sakimeshi"

2020GOOD DESIGN AWARD of the Year Good Focus Award[New business design] "Sakimeshi" was adopted by many local governments last year in the context of supporting local SMEs.。

Gigi Co., Ltd.[First 100 people]For freeWe will hold an online seminar about our "Gochi platform" that is behind the success of "Sakimeshi"。

【I recommend this hotel】
(1) Those who are considering measures for regional economic promotion and business support toward the end of this year or the next year
(2) Considering the introduction of a gift certificate business with a premium in the region、Local government employees, business and industry association officials, businesses, etc.

Seminar outline

● Date and time: 2021From Thursday, September 9, 2014、Weekly 13:00~14:00 Held

● Organizer: Gigi Co., Ltd.

● Capacity: First 100 people* Please apply as soon as possible

● Implementation format: Online (using Zoom))

● Cost: free

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