Gigi's history

  • 2019

    • 10.31

      "Gochimeshi" app is now available on the App Store and Google Play Store
      Web media "Gochimeshi Magazine" launched

    • 12.26

      The first project of the children's cafeteria project、"Gochi" (number of meals) of "Oyafuko-dori Children's Cafeteria" exceeded 1,000 meals

  • 2020

    • 1.7

      National early、Started "Kodomo Shokudo Project" by local government in Miyaki-cho, Miyaki-gun, Saga Prefecture

    • 3.9

      Utilize the mechanism of prepaid to yourself in "Gochimeshi"、Started "Sakimeshi", a project to support restaurants in Coronavirus with advance payment

    • 3.25

      The number of registered stores exceeds 300

    • 3.30

      Started "Sakai Town Children's Cafeteria Project" utilizing hometown tax payment in Sakai Town, Ibaraki Prefecture

    • 4.8

      Declared "Opening of Gochimeshi" that provides a mechanism that allows advance payment to industries and regions other than restaurants

    • 4.10

      First in Japan! "Sakimeshi Koma", a local restaurant support that utilizes "Sakimeshi", has started.
      Collaboration with Shonan Bellmare。Start supporting food park through "Sakimeshi"

    • 4.20

      Listener participation type restaurant relief project "STAY HOME Sakimeshi WEEK" held for 5 days in collaboration with TOKYO FM's morning program "ONE MORNING"

    • 4.23

      "Gochimeshi" introduced at 14 restaurants in the commercial complex "La Cittadella" in Kawasaki City

    • 4.30

      Collaboration with Nishinihon City Bank to support restaurants in Fukuoka Prefecture

    • 5.1

      "Sakimeshi" national version site released
      "Sakijuku" project started to support inns nationwide

    • 5.8

      Concluded an agreement with Trust Bank Co., Ltd., which operates "Furusato Choice"、Utilizing hometown tax payment、Expanding a project to operate a children's cafeteria nationwide
      "Sakimeshi Adachi" project started

    • 5.11

      Launched "Sakikure" service to support game centers with advance payment

    • 5.12

      "Sakimeshi Nobeoka" project started

    • 5.15

      "Let's support restaurants in Shunan" project start

    • 5.18

      "Nishinomiya Youth Conference Center x Sakimeshi Project-Discovered in Nishinomiya"!Foresighted store ~ ​​”project started
      "Sakimeshi Ibaraki" project started

    • 5.19

      Start of "Amagasaki no Sakimeshi", a support project for restaurants in Amagasaki city

    • 5.22

      "Gochimeshi" and "Sakimeshi" have been used more than 30,000 meals in total

    • 5.25

      Number of registered stores exceeds 5,000
      With the support of Suntory Holdings Limited、"Sakimeshi supported by SUNTORY" started。

    • 6.4

      "Nagasaki Yokamise" campaign started
      "Machi no Genki Support Project Sakimeshi KOBE" started

    • 6.11

      "Machi no Shokudo" project started to support students

    • 6.12

      The distribution amount of "Gochimeshi" and "Sakimeshi" exceeded 100 million yen.。Participating stores exceed 9,000。

    • 6.19

      "Sakimeshi" cooperates with crowdfunding "CAMPFIRE"

    • 6.24

      Instagram's "gift card" function and "Sakimeshi" work together

    • 7.3

      "Sakimeshi" won the "Restaurant Support Award", an emergency special award of the "Japan Gift Award 2020"

    • 7.13

      Start of "Sakimeshi Fujiidera", a restaurant support project in Fujiidera City, Osaka Prefecture

    • 7.22

      "Akishima Sakimeshi Support Project" started

    • 7.27

      Started "Fukuoka Umakameshi Support Project!" To support restaurants in Fukuoka Prefecture with "Sakimeshi" and crowdfunding.

    • 8.4

      Started providing a free platform for local governments and groups of premium meal tickets for the purpose of supporting restaurants in Corona

    • 8.7

      Launched "Mt. Ikoma + Premium Campaign" with 30% premium

    • 8.7

      "Sakimeshi 10% OFF Campaign" 2nd held (~ 9/30)

    • 8.19

      Equity investment type crowdfunding "CAMPFIRE Angels" first issue, third-party allotment。Achieved the target recruitment amount 24 hours after the recruitment started。Achieved the maximum recruitment amount of 30 million yen in 5 days of recruitment

    • 8.27

      "Gochimeshi" and "Sakimeshi" have been used more than 80,000 meals in total.

    • 9.1

      "Sakimeshi Sakura" started

    • 9.25

      "Gochimeshi" and "Sakimeshi" have exceeded 100,000 meals in total.
      Introduced cashless payment "PayPay"

    • 10.1

      2020Received the Good Design Award "Good Design Best 100"

    • 10.15

      3.2Raised 100 million yen

    • 10.20

      "Sakimeshi Yotsukaido" started。Premium tickets with 50% of the usage amount sold out in one day

    • 10.30

      2020Received the Good Design Award Special Award "Good Design Best Focus Award [New Business Design]"

    • 10.31

      1st anniversary of feast release

  • 2021

    • 1.8

      Support without going to "Sakimeshi"! NO GoTo Campaign During the state of emergency、50% off usage fees for all registered stores

    • 2.2

      "Nagasaki Yokamise Campaign" in collaboration with Nagasaki Prefecture and Sakimeshi will be extended and free of charge
      Continue to support restaurants、strengthen

    • 2.5

      Started offering "Bizumeshi", a service that allows you to use local restaurants as company food
      "Japanet Holdings Co., Ltd." decided to introduce as the first project

    • 2.16

      Supporting Corona-stricken medical professionals and local restaurants "YOU ARE THE BEST-Thank you medical professionals and restaurants-"
      Nippon Cultural Broadcasting / Gigi Co., Ltd. joint project started